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Chapter Members EVs page              EV related Merchandise

This Month's Meeting:

Chapter Elections/End of Year Party

Saturday, Nov 15, 2014

(3rd Saturday) 11 am to 1 pm.
Meeting Location: La Val's Pizza, 891 Island Dr, Alameda, CA
Visitors welcome, open to the public.



As this year winds down, our last meeting of the 2014 will be over pizza and salad and soda at La Val's. We met at 11am because that when La Val's opens, but you are welcome to come earlier to meet in the parking lot.

Come join us as we review the EV highlights of the year, share stories and informally show of our EVs in the parking lot. We also hope to plan meeting topics for next year and encourage other members to participate in our chapter's leadership and activities.

EVs in parking lot after meeting.


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    General schedule for 2014 year - looking ahead several months



    Time   Location Topic/Event


    3rd Sat


    Alameda Chapter Elections Pizza Party
    Dec         No Meeting


    4th Sat


    Alameda First Meeting of the New Year

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    EV Rally and World Record Attempt

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    Chapter Members EVs page

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    The EAA is a non-profit organization for the promotion of clean, quiet electric vehicles (EVs) for personal transportation. Check for the EAA Chapter near you on the National EAA page: http://www.eaaev.org

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