The EBEAA thanks Pacific Bell for allowing the 1998 EBEAA rally held on Aug. 22th,
1998 at their San Ramon facility. A big thanks to all for participating, giving rides 
to the public.

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Anna Cornell's EV charges at Pacific Bell's EV charging spot. 

Scott Cornell explains the EV basics to Terry Wilson.

Will Dahlgren gives a family a ride in his Honda EVplus. 

Scott completes another EBEAA Rally lap around the Pacific Bell complex. 

Stan Skokan (EV Broker) displays a nice Ford Escort conversion. 

Will completes another lap on the Pacific Bell rally route. 

Scott unplugs Anna's EV after the EBEAA rally at Pacific Bell.

* Notes: Followup on charging Honda EV+ after rally and return home:
Took 32 kWh @ 4.4 cents = $1.41 for the mixed slow/hiway 115.8 miles.
Electricity cost was about 1.2 cents per mile - thanks to the PGE summer E-9 rates.
  Will Dahlgren

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