Events for 2007 year

Chapter Officers 2007 year
Voted PositionMember Name     Volunteer PositionMember Name
President/ChairPaul Cooper     Meeting CoordinatorLloyd Wenzel
Vice President/Vice ChairLou MacMillian     Website CoordinatorEd Thorpe
TreasurerJim Van Scyoc     Spring Rally Coord.Scott Cornell
SecretaryEd Thorpe     Fall Rally Coord.Ed Thorpe

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Chapter Meetings for 2007:

January 27 (standard meeting)

"Who Killed The Electric Car" movie review & extras
Meeting Location: Alameda
Attendence: 30

Last year the movie "Who Killed the Electric Car" made a splash at the theaters as an independent documentary, promoted by Sony Pictures. At this meeting we reviewed the movie and the special feature of "Jump-Starting the Future". Afterwards there was a lively discussion about what barriers we still have to overcome in promoting the viability of electric transportation. Interest was strong to have follow-up topics and even a forum to discuss how to convert and maintain EVs.

We had quite a few EVs will be on-hand in the parking lot for lively discussions, from converted Porsche and production RAV4 EV and Ford Ranger EVs to a Dynasty IT Pickup and GEM NEVs.

February 24 (annual meeting)

Annual EAA National Meeting
Meeting Location: Palo Alto
Attendance = 55 on-site, additional on teleconference

The Electric Auto Association was founded in 1967, 40 years ago, in San Jose, and has been going strong. Over the years interest has ebbed and followed. How interest is increasing due to the challenges of maintaining our appetite for foreign oil and global warming. Over the years the organization has maintained focus as a non-profit educational organization that promotes the advancement and widespread adoption of Electric Vehicles.

Currently there are 38 Chapters in the USA and 4 Chapters in Canada. In the SF Bay Area alone there are 6 Chapters and 1 Special Interest Group. Membership is international and is well over 1000 members strong. Various members will be traveling from out of state to attend this meeting, and others will participate via teleconference. All EAA members have received postcard reminders for this meeting and instructions on how to join the teleconference if they are unable to physically attend.

Some of the EVs in attendence in 2005

Our annual National Meeting coincides with our regular meeting schedule, so those of us who could treked over to Palo Alto to join other chapter members for this important meeting. The topics covered were:

Currently there are 38 Chapters in the USA and 4 Chapters in Canada. In the SF Bay Area alone there are 6 Chapters and 1 Special Interest Group.

Other activities are being scheduled this year to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Electric Auto Association.

March 24 (standard meeting)

WKtEC and Current Events Discussion
Meeting Location: Alameda
Attendance = 23 people

In March we had a little change in topics due to schedule conflicts with our speaker. Still the meeting was full and lively as we reviewed the reactions to last months showing of Who Killed the Electric Car movie. Lots of interest in seeing and having EVs available to the general public in the near future.

Our President Paul brought us the results of the Chapter Topics survey complied from our January meeting. There is strong interest in:

There was also requests for more informational resources to equipt people with EV related information and sources for parts.

There is a Castro Valley Rodeo Parade requesting EVs and Chabot College has an Open House on May 12th where they hope to have EVs participate with the Automotive Technology Department.

Paul & Ed reviewed the recent participation in Emeryville for the local Arts Education Parade, which provided great exposure for the 4 EVs which participated. The main challenge is to get the general public exposed to EVs, to see that they are available, usable, practical yet stimulating.

Lastly, Scott brought along a typical EV battery to provide some interaction on the care and feeding aspects of our "fuel tank". We will follow up in May with much more discussion and information on Battery Management. And remember to partipate in Earth Day events and our upcoming Rally.

EVs were on-hand and informal Q&A took place in the parking lot after the meeting.


Earth Day Events

Still there were various local events, at businesses and cities round the Bay.

April 28 (standard meeting/event)

Annual Spring EV Display and Drive/Ride Rally
Meeting Location: DVC, Pleasant Hill/Concord
Attendance = various

Our Annual East Bay Display and Ride-Along in Pleasant Hill / Concord was greeted by great weather.

Reviewing the Toyota RAV4 EV, with great EV mileage.

Lineup of a variety of EVs, including a Kewet with solar panels.

Even a ZAP Zebra, and electric bikes and mini-motorcycles.

An awesome mini-chopper.

Many thanks to DVC for the location and power to charge and display our EVs.

We had refreshments, so even those who could not bring their EV had a great time discussing the virtues of EVs and interact with students at the Engineering Technology Alternative Energy program.

Annual East Bay EAA Rally - Spring 2007

Due to distances for members to bring their EVs, we are also planning other Display and Ride-Alongs throughout the Summer, including a Fall event in the San Leandro / Hayward area, based at Chabot College.

Due to the lack of usage of EV charging locations in the Walnut Creek/Concord area, we discovered that the two main locations are no longer available. Walnut Creek BAR now only has an operating SPI charger for RAV4 EVs. The AVCON station has no power. At the Sun Valley Mall, the Avcon conductive and LPIstations have been removed completely. Fortunately, though the efforts of Scott, we had 110v and limited (20a) 220v charging arrangements at DVC for our event.

May 19 (standard meeting)

Upgrading a Conversion
Meeting Location: Alameda
Attendence: 20

Over the years, many people get their first experiences with existing EVs, whether limited produciton vehicles or conversions done by themselves or others. As technology improves, so do the various componients used in the EV. The major improvement has been the controllers used to modulate power between the battery pack and the motor, to improve performance, control, efficiency and dependability.

At this meeting we focused on a hands-on project of upgrading a 1974 Aurenthetic mini motorcycle from its original contactor controller to a Curtis PMI controller. This required some rewiring, changing of componients, adding a DC converter, upgrading instrumentation and other minor details. Since this is a small ehicle with only a 24v pack, it ishould be a realtively easy and straight-forward upgrade process.

June 23 (standard meeting)

EV Battery Management
Meeting Location: Alameda
Attendence: 30

Last month we have two exciting presenters.

First, we had Jim Ramos, our long-time supporter at American Battery Company, who will present an affordable means of watering flooded PbA (lead acid) batteries, to keep the affordable batteries alive and healthy.

Second, we had Todd Kollin of Electric Motor Sport here to describe how they are packaging and managing high-tech batteries for the small motorcycle platforms.

July 4 (special event)

Alameda 4th of July Parade
Meeting Location: Alameda
Attendence: tens of thousands; Participation: 10 Drivers/vehicles

Vehicles in the parade:
RAV4 EV - White - Rich
Dynasty IT Pickup - Red - Larry
Gem NEV - White - Paul
Sparrow Hatchback - Yellow - Darryl
Sparrow Hatchback - Green - Ed
Saturn Conversion (ACP) - White - Eddie
Saturn Conversion (self) - Gold - Karl
Porsche Conversion - Green - Paul
VW Rabbit Conversion - White - Gordon & Margaret
Suede E-Bike - Silver - Claudine
Razor Mini-Chopper - Black - ?

Other EVs in the parade:
Segways - select entries and a whole entry.
Assorted color Zebras - through the local dealership, O'Connell Electric, in Alameda.
Assortments of NEVs thorughout the parade.
Green Alameda Power & Telecom Sparrow "Sparky".

July 28 (standard meeting)

EV preparation for Public Exposure
Meeting Location: Alameda
Attendence: 22

With the July 4th parade behind us, there are other car shows and and Rallys coming this summer. We tooks some time to talk about how we get our EVs in shape for public display. Do you have a wire rats nest under the hood? Time to share tips and tricks to not only keep our EVs running consistantly and safely but also present a clean image of the simplicity and efficiency of the EV.

Next month is the annual Silicon Valley EV Rally in Palo Alto. The EAA will be celebrating its 40 year anniversary. Hope all are able to participate in the important Rally, which brings together the cutting edge EVs like the Tesla Roadster and the ACP EBox (and others) and the various out-of-production OEM and various conversions around in the SF Bay Area.

In September we have our Fall Rally at Chabot College in Hayward. Mark your calendars for Sept 22 to bring your EVs for display and ride along opportunities to educate the public.

We had 8 EVs in the parking lot after the meeting for a little show and tell.

August 25 (special event/standard meeting)

Silicon Valley Chapter Rally
Meeting Location: Palo Alto

Attendence = ~1000+

This annual EVent was a big eye-opener to the public. There were production EVs, conversion EVs, electric scooters and electric bikes and 3 plug-in hybrids on display. Free rides were given to the public in EVs, including scooter, bicycle and motorcycle rides in the parking lot. The American Lung Association was there with information about air pollution and several solar pv companies, including SOLectric Electric.

Here are some photos of the event:

There was also a performance by the Raging Gannies, a walking Arnold robot and celebration cake.

Other links:

Some other photos of the many activities and participants

September 22 (rally/standard meeting)

Annual EV Display and Drive/Ride Rally
Meeting Location: Hayward
Attendence: ~300+

This year, inspite of the rain, we had a wonderful turnout and interaction over electric vehicles.

Thanks to the wonderful efforts of David Diaz, Daniel Silin, and the Chabot College Automotive Tech department, we had a couple seminars for Automotive Instructors and showed the movie "Who Killed the Electric Car". The seminars where lead by Ron Freund, Scott Cornell and Marc Geller.

Other photos:

We also had opportunity to expose future automobile mechanics and current automotive instructors to the ins and outs of the EV, by talking and showing our vehicles to the Cabot Auto Shop students. Thanks once again for all who helped to put on this successful event.

October 27 (standard meeting)

General Topics on EVs
Meeting Location: Alameda
Attendence: 30

We had a great general discussion meeting in October.

Scott provided some information about troubleshooting battery connections. Paul led some Q&A discussion about maintenance issues and availability of information. Warren shared a review of the previous Saturday's SVEAA's meeting and efforts of a local group to create an EV startup. Marc introduced himself as the new Zenn and IT dealer in the East Bay. And Ken shared photos and history of our first Chabot College Rally 30 years ago.

After the meeting we had over 8 EVs in the parking lot for great discussions and interaction.

November 17 (standard meeting)

Chapter Elections and End-of-Year party
Meeting Location: Alameda

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