Electric Auto Association
East (SF) Bay EAA Chapter

EVs in the News

Saturday, January 26, 20087
Location: Alameda
Attendance: 30

This was our first meeting of 2008. We discussed a lot about EV on YouTube and various news websites and papers.

This was also the weekend two major EV events happened on the two sides of the USA.

In Miami, Florida, there's a long list of EVs participating, including ProEV's electric Subaru Impreza, an AC Propulsion eBox, several High School EVs, even an electric Nissan coming up from Mexico.

Down in San Diego, California, there's the Electric Dragin' NEDRA race. Some of the featured vehicles will be the quickest electric dragster, the Current Eliminator-V, and quickest electric motorcycle, the KillaCycle. The Current Eliminator-V trimmed its record down to 7.956 seconds @ 159.85 mph in the quarter mile in mid-Dec last year. The KillaCycle just punched through the record books with a 7.82 second @ 168 mph in the quarter mile in mid-Nov of last year.

Current Eliminator - V KillaCycle

For more information, go to the NEDRA, Current Eliminator, and KillaCycle websites.