Electric Auto Association
East (SF) Bay EAA Chapter

NEV Regulations and Speed Limits

Saturday, June 28, 2008
Location: Green Motors, Berkeley
Attendance: 32


We had a lively group meet at Green Motors to take a look at the ever-growing market of NEVs. These vehicles are low-speed electrics for the city street, which currently are limited to 25 mph max speed yet legal to drive on posted 35 mph streets.


We discussed the pros and cons of pushing to raise the speed limit of these vehicles to 35 mph. Some of the cons are that these vehicles may not be stable enough, have enough braking power and their range will significantly decrease if pushed just 10 mph higher than their current design. The pros include that new vehicles can be more easily brought to market and provide safer street performance for the masses if this will be allowed.


Many thanks to Marc and team and Green Motors for hosting us!

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