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Updates on the state of EVs

Saturday, Febrary 28, 2009

Location: Berkeley

Attendance: 32


We had a great meeting in Feb over in the electric car dealership of Green Motors in Berkeley.

Our Chapter President Paul Cooper let the discussion about our need to organize upcoming meeting topics. There was a lot of interest in covering more "EVs for Dummies" and some hands-on projects. We also have 3 chapter rallies organized for this year and need to get more publicity going.

Our Chapter Secretary Ed Thorpe presented the challenge and opportunity to create our own chapter t-shirt. Various chapters have created unique t-shirts to promote the EV cause, from the National's "take my car and plug it" to Oregon's "it's not electric if it you can't plug it in". What will be our chapter slogan? What about a logo?

Green Motors' owner Marc Korchin discussed about the availability of new EVs and how we can help display various electric transportation, from bikes to motorcycles and beyond.


Our Chapter Vice President Karl Hodges shared about our need to follow political issues that concern the incentives for and regulations controlling EVs. He and others described the activities and goals of EAA National which were presented earlier in Feb at the annual National Meeting in Palo Alto. There are pro-EV tax incentives passed in the Stimulus Bill by the new administration.

We We had a mixture of 8 EVs on display in the parking lot after the meeting. Lots of great discussion, insight into the conversion process and encouragement for others with EVs to drive then to our meetings.

The next month's meeting will also be held at Green Motors in Berkeley. Hope to see you there.


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