Electric Auto Association
East (SF) Bay EAA Chapter

The Batteries of the Future Today - LiFePo4

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Location: Alameda

Attendance: 18


First Paul guided us through a planning meeting for our up-coming display Rally at Chabot College next month. While we have focused on classroom presentations and other activities with the Automotive Technology Dept in past Rallies, this year we need to stick with a public display within view and easy reach from the front of campus along Hesperian Blvd. We determined that we need to encourage members to bring Electric Vehicles and provide large signage to attract the public. Also, we need to encourage the local bicycle shop and scooter distributors to participate as sources for locally sold products.

Then we moved on to our main focus - the latest version of EV-size Lithium batteries.


Paul discussed about our need for Chapter info cards, like what's he's developed for his Porsche EV.


Finally we finished with an enlightening and entertaining reflection by long-time member Scott Cornell of the first EV races at the Phoenix International Raceway back in the early 1990's.



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