Electric Auto Association
East (SF) Bay EAA Chapter

All About Plug-In Hybrids

Sunday, July 24, 2010

Location: Alameda

Attendance: 20

There's been a lot of take and even misinformation about how clean a Plug-In Hybrid is compared to a regular Hybrid. Now's the time to debunk this myth and to explore the various aspects of enhancing a Hybrid.

Our long-time member Ed Thorpe will be presenting this topic, with 1-1/2 years experience driving a Plug-In Prius. Topics will include:

  • What are the benefits to upgrading to Plug-In?
  • What Hybrids can be upgraded?
  • What the the upgrade options today?
  • Can you really make a "green" gas car greener?
  • Why choose Plug-In over All-Electric?



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