Electric Auto Association
East (SF) Bay EAA Chapter

EBEAA EV Display / Meeting @ Chabot College

Sunday, August 28, 2010

Location: Chabot College, Hayward

Participation: 12 Vehicles



Chabot College Automotive Tech Department will be hosting our annual Fall EV Rally in Hayward. Then the next month, Sept 25tj, is the Silicon Valley EAA's annual EV Rally in Palo Alto. Both are great events to display EVs, from scooters and bicycles to cars and beyond.

It's time to display our various EVs, from electric bicycles and scooters to cars and pickups and other electrics. This event has plenty of space for display, due to the large parking lots. We can easily accommodate members who wish to drop-off the vehicles the night before, for charging, with 110v & 220v charging at the Chabot College Auto Shop.

We plan to display our EVs and provide rides, to interact with the Chabot College Automotive students, instructors and public to the positive attributes of EVs. The focus is on showing the variety of vehicles there are and how standard gas vehicles can be recycled into zero-emission vehicles. We also have opportunity to expose future automobile mechanics and current automotive instructors to the ins and outs of the EV, by talking and showing our vehicles to the Chabot Auto Shop students.

We have the added treat to see a battery pack change. Ed's Ford Ranger has a couple of problem batteries and he will be dropping the battery pack in his Ford Ranger to exchange these batteries around mid-day. This is a lead acid OEM Ranger with a 12v battery upgrade.



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