Electric Auto Association
East (SF) Bay EAA Chapter

LEAF - EV of the Year

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Location: Alameda

Participation: 10 members


This meeting was attended by approximately 10 persons. A few announcements were made regarding 4th of July parade, National Plug-In Day (Sep 23) and Green Drive Expo.

Dan Fernandez Notes:

Dan presented (User Perspective) a slide show about his Nissan Leaf.  As introduction, he mentioned his history with a Mercedes diesel vehicle that he bought for $1,400. After driving it for a few weeks, it stalled repeatedly due to algae that had clogged the fuel filter.  He soon learned that spending $300 for a mechanic to change the fuel filter was more than he wanted to spend, so he learned how to do it himself.

This spark led to Dan learning how to convert the Mercedes to burn vegetable oil. He did that for about 20,000 miles.  Carrying 10 gallons of vegetable oil up to the filtering unit made him very aware of how much 'stuff' he was burning every week.  Most people don't really know how big 10 gallons of fuel really is - Every drop of it eventually burns and ends up in the air.

During his veg oil foray, Dan decided to buy a Nissan leaf.  Unfortunately, the pre-sale list was closed, and he could not reserve a Leaf online.  His local Nissan dealer knew he was interested, and when someone made a pre-order but was unable to complete the purchase, the dealer called Dan directly.  Dan didn't get the first Leaf he was offered, but did lease the second.

When leasing a Leaf, the federal rebate is immediate.  This is in contrast with the Leaf owner that buys it outright, and has to claim the deduction on their federal taxes.  For the State of California, the vehicle must be leased for a 3-year term in order to get the incentive.

Dan notes that at 55 MPH, he is able to get over 100 miles of range.

Some vehicle specs:

24 kWh Lithium battery pack.

Vehicle weight is 3354 lbs, of which 660 lbs is battery.

The motor produces 107 HP, and the Cd is 0.29.  Normal for typical production vehicles is 0.30 to 0.35.

Dan has leased his Leaf for just over a year now, and has driven about 14,000 miles.


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