Electric Auto Association
East (SF) Bay EAA Chapter

National Plug-In Day

Saturday, Sept 23, 2012


Location: Alameda, CA

Participation: Approximately 130 to 150 persons attended the event.

Thank you for your participation in Alameda's National Plug-In Day Event! The event would not have been a success without your help.

There were a number of potential and current EV drivers there today, and they all seemed to be very pleased with the great information you were able to pass along about Electric Vehicles.

There were approximately 40 plug-in vehicles, including:
* a dozen + Nissan Leafs
* two 2011 Chevrolet Volts
* three 2012 Plug-In Prii (manufacturer)
* two Plug-In Prii (aftermarket conversion)
* one new 2013 Toyota RAV4 EV (Tesla/Toyota)
* one 2002 RAV4-EV (NiMH with original batteries)
* one 2012 Th!nk

* one 2012 ActiveE BMW
* one 1993 Kewet
* one 2000 Sparrow
* one 2011 Tesla Roadster
* one 2006 Dynasty NEV Pickup
* one 1973 VW Van conversion
* one 1974 VW Beetle conversion with lithium
* one 1989 Electricar (Ford Focus) conversion
* one Native Z1500 electric scooter
* one 2004 HCF Island Roadrunner Mobility Scooter
* five Zero electric motorcycles
* four Yike Bikes


Setting up the site, with banners, flag and canopies


Zero Motorcycle's booth

Members electric motorcycles and scooters

And the YikeBike Booth by East Bay YikeBike, the ultimate in compact EV for commuting with BART

Mobility Scooter upgrade, Even EVs from the 1970s are still running and making a difference

EVs of all sizes, from VW Bus to solar cars


For local driving - Kewet made in Demark/Norway and Dynasty NEV made in Canada

The latest in VW conversions - with lithium batteries, plenty of range

Sparrows are still running and keeping EVs visible


Comparison of 2002 NiMH RAV4 EV and 2012 Lithium Th!nk, side by side (and in the same household)

Chevy VOLT, hybrid from the every-person (with test rides)

Leafs all over the place, after their mass gathering in San Francisco earlier


Tesla's flagship roadster - where the real rubber meets the road

The latest in plug-in technology - the 2012 plug-in Toyota Prius

Gas on one side, electric on the other (symbol) and the hybrid label has the plug symbol too

And the newest member - 2013 Toyota RAV4 EV, with Tesla motor/battery system


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