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Electric Scooter Design

Saturday, Oct 27, 2012



Location: Alameda, CA
Participation: 12


This month our speaker was Erik Lee of Honor Roll Scooters, a local Oakland company. He talked about his experience with electric transportation and sports and how he has ventured out in creating an electric scooter.

The Meerkat Motor Board is the first scooter created by Honor Roll Scooters. The PMD is officially a "Bicycle" and requires no DMV license, registration, or insurance. Made in Oakland, CA., USA. It’s green, it’s clean, it’s a fine machine

Erik is an entrepreneurial soul, motivated to conceive and build his scooter for personal satisfaction. He wanted an electric vehicle (bike) that no license would be required. Didn't want a seat. He had engineering help from an ex Indian motorcycle engineer / designer who specified batteries, hub motor, controller, digital gage, and charger. Erik hired a welder friend and in a few months built his scooter. He is not a technical guy, and could not address the nuts and bolts of the scooter in detail. He took a lot of notes and tips from the audience about developing his business plan, helpful contacts, and is interested in our club to learn the lexicon to talk about the scooter's specs. He had the vehicle up and running since mid summer and has put 800 miles on it since. He rides it everywhere. 


Erik teaches a martial art he developed from several styles over fifteen years and is his main job in alameda. He let anyone willing to ride it have a go. The handle bars were high (like a motor cycle chopper) for us shorties. Good acceleration, cool front and rear disc brakes, about 25 mile range with two batteries. He would like to but an order of ten together to build a batch. He says he has $10K invested into his prototype.


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