Electric Auto Association
East (SF) Bay EAA Chapter

Annual National EAA Meeting

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Location: HP Headquarter, Palo Alto, CA

Participation: ## members


Our Chapter Meeting for February is superseded by our annual National Electric Vehicle Association Meeting. The meeting will be held in the Spyglass room, building 5 at HP in Palo Alto. We encourage all members to travel the extra distance to this important meeting. This meeting focuses is like our State of the Union - reviewing the accomplishments of 2012, looking forward to the goals for 2013 and introduction of Electric Auto Association's National Board members (hope you voted online).


There will be many production EVs and Hybrid vehicles in the parking lot, for people to see up close what is now available from the automakers. More EVs are on the horizon.


It's also a wonderful time to meet up with members from other Chapters around the SF Bay Area and those who are visiting from outside the area. Should have a lot of EVs in the parking lot and opportunities to share experiences over lunch afterwards.


EVs were on display in the parking lot after the meeting.


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