Electric Auto Association
East (SF) Bay EAA Chapter

July 4th Parade

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Location: Alameda

Participation: 16 EVs

Great turnout for the Annual Parade!

The Alameda's July 4th Parade is the largest and longest Independence Day parade in the nation. This year we featured our wide selection of EVs, from conversions and bicycles to various production vehicles. The parade drew over 60,000 spectators.

Ed Hunter on his Electric Bicycle                                   Marshall Williams with his exciting Fisker Hybrid

Doug Coleman with his woody Leaf                                             Wayne Bennion's Ford Ranger EV

Ian Wright's fast X1!                                                    The new Wrightspeed all-electric truck

Wrightspeed dual electric drive system

Decorations and signage

Jim Larson's iMeEV (right-hand drive)                  Fred Garvey's Island Roadrunner w/ full picnic supplies!

Tom Keenan's Escort                                              The lead vehicle - Red Dynasty pickup

Jeanne Lahaie's Chevy Volt                                       The new Ford Focus EV, provided by San Leandro Ford

Bruce Wolfe's Chevy Volt                                 Gordon Schaeffer & Margarate Milton's VW Battery Bunny


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