Electric Auto Association
East (SF) Bay Chapter
EV Distance and Ride-along Rally
Fall 2003

August 23, 2003, Saturday

Staging/Setup time: 9:00 am, Rally begins at 10:00 am.
Continues until cars drop out, or 4:00 pm, whichever comes first.
Traditional distance rally (20-75+ miles) (our EVent!).
Open to EV cars and trucks and motorcycles - 2.2 mile loop.
Also have a shorter 1.1 mile loop for EV bicycles and scooters.
Also excellent vehicle display event - large parking lot.

Rally Location: Southland Mall/Chabot College, Hayward
We will meet in the parking lot, as noted on the event signage. This is a no-fee rally, open to any and all EVs. Have a standard entry/release form to be filled out at Rally start. Great time to tell and show the public what EVs are all about - clean, quite, the best way to recycle a car.

This is the time of Back-to-School weekend and end of the first week of classes for college students, so excellent time to expose college students and the general public to the EV mission and benifits.

For more information or interest in participating: email EAA-contactexcite.com

Rally route: